Pain & Panic Costumes

Hey, Its Whitney from Sew Whit Designs and I’m back today sharing one of my VERY favorite things to sew! Halloween Costumes! I’ve been sewing my kiddos costumes for the past 14 years! And usually, they include a Peek-a-Boo Pattern, or two. (check out Halloween 2020 when we were all Villians) For Halloween 2022 weContinue reading “Pain & Panic Costumes”

Project Art Studio: Impression

“Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.”- Claude Monet I imagined this shoot in the spring. With all the flowers, and ponds and water lilys…but alas, it’s fall/winter here. So, we are making it work, with what mother nature has given us. “The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.Continue reading “Project Art Studio: Impression”

Project Art Studio!

Reposted from Project Run & Play We are loving seeing the Patterns AND the fabric come together! Our vision for Project Art Studio come to life! Whitney of SewWhit Designs sewed up a bunch of patterns and did this fun photoshoot. We love everything about these looks! For biggest brother we used the Easel TeeContinue reading “Project Art Studio!”

Swim Lessons: Adding a Shelf Bra to Swimwear

I tested the Sorbetto Swimsuit when it was first released with Project Smooth Sorbet and we’ve loved this pattern from the beginning. Ajaire’s construction instructions are fabulous! Often times I cheat though, and only line the front of the suit with a shelf bra. If you are in a spot where you are in aContinue reading “Swim Lessons: Adding a Shelf Bra to Swimwear”

Swim Lessons: Sewing With Boardshort Fabric

I personally consider sewing boardshorts/board skirts an intermediate sewing skill. Simply because if the fact boardshort fabric is woven and needs to be treated differently than stretchy swim fabric. And if you are new sewing woven it is different from sewing knits. I used the Bodhi Board Skirt pattern from the Project Run & PlayContinue reading “Swim Lessons: Sewing With Boardshort Fabric”

Swim Lessons: Sewing Swim for Beginners

I’ve been a sewing swimsuits since I was in Highschool 20+ years ago. Back in the day there wasn’t a lot of info on how to sew your own swimsuits. I was stuck with one or two paper patterns and whatever fabric I could find at the local fabric store which was usually 3 orContinue reading “Swim Lessons: Sewing Swim for Beginners”