May The Force Be With You

I can’t believe I made it to the finals this week! I’m so excited to be showing my signature style.

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This week was hard. My kids got sick and I got sick and but we made it through and I’m so happy with the outcome. As I was debating what to do for my signature style I kept coming back to costumes. I knew it may be a risk, as it’s not every day kids fashion. However, in my house dress up is an every day occurrence. My kids love pulling old costumes out of the dress up box. It’s truly how they “run and play.”

Here is a little look back at our costumes for the past 5 years.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Growing up my grandma use to make our costumes, anything we could dream up, she made it so magical. I’ve carried on this tradition on with my own kiddos and it has become a family affair. My kids love to collaborate with me as we figure out our theme. The kids make sure I’m making their costumes exactly right and they hold me to a high standard. I love that I can be part of facilitating their imagination and seeing their joy when they wear my completed creations. So without further ado I proudly present “May the Force Be With You.”

For Princess Leia I created a tunic from scratch with soft pleats in the front and statement pleats in the back. I made a delicate high low hem and used some white crepe fabric from my stash.

I wanted her leggings to be something she could definitely wear again. I used the free leggings pattern from love notions in this awesome textured swim fabric from So Sew English.

I made a belt from some silver sequined fabric in my stash. I wanted to create a more modern Princess Leia look and I think I accomplished just that.

For Luke I didn’t want to go with the boring off-white robe so I went with his pilot suit.

I started with the Gemma Romper from Sew a little seam. Did some pleating details on the sleeve, added lots of cargo pockets and a mandarin collar.

The orange fabric I scored at Walmart in a precut bundle. I lucked out that it was the perfect color. I made drafted the vest from scratch and used some white quilted cotton from my stash. Lots of little details in this look that checked all the boxes for him.

I took his ski helmet and added some vinyl decals so he could be a true fighter pilot.

I thought it appropriate that these two were my Skywalker twins. I have been asked if I have 2 sets of twins because these two are so close in size, even though they are two years apart.

For Han I made a long sleeve polo shirt out of oatmeal french terry from Raspberry Creek. I used my go to Declan pattern and lengthened the placket and the sleeves and left the buttons off. I used the Vanguard pants from Love Notions and added some red stripes down the side of some navy twill. The vest I made his vest from scratch with gray stretch twill. I also added a belt and a gun holster from some faux vinyl from my stash.

I had to throw in a few pictures with his sister for good measure. Sometimes they pretend like they like each other.

Naturally my twinners had to be this duo. This set was the most work and the most rewarding. For C-3PO used the movie night PJ pants and modified the master of disguise pattern for the top.

I used gold spandex from JoAnns. I got a little creative with shoe laces to make wires on his belly. This may be my favorite piece of the entire competition.

R2D2 started with a pop up clothes hamper. I covered it with white jersey and silver lame.

I had to hand appliqué the details on the “hood” part. So this one was definitely a labor of love. I cut the rest of the details from jersey and machine appliquéd them on.

I wanted him to still look like R2 when he didn’t have his pop up suit on so I made some white movie night PJs and added the appliqué to those too.

This collection was so fun to create! I hope you love it as much as we do. And I am so grateful to be done with Halloween costumes before October this year!

Thank you for following me on my project run and play journey. It has been such a ride. Don’t forget to Vote!

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